Unstoppable Foundation will Double Your Impact

Unstoppable Foundation will Double Your Impact

The Unstoppable Foundations will Double Your Impact!

You have the power to make a life-changing difference in the lives of girls like Mercy, moving them from barely surviving to thriving.

I’m excited to share with you a special opportunity for you to multiply your impact – empowering even more lives through education.

Proctor Gallagher Institute has made an incredibly generous offer to match EVERY donation! This is your chance to DOUBLE your impact now.

The need for more and more young girls, like Mercy, who are waiting to have the opportunity to receive an education, gain access to life-saving services, and reach their full potential is why we’re here and is what keeps us up at night.

We want to be there for each and every one of them, but we can’t do it alone.

We urgently need your help. Together, we can reach even more young girls and boys, and their families.

Please give today. Your gift will help transform twice as many children’s lives who need it the most.

Thank you for your generosity on behalf of Mercy, and all the other children and villages we serve.

With unstoppable love and gratitude,

Cynthia Kersey
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Unstoppable Foundation

P.S. Your donation will go toward furthering our mission and helping to reach even more children and their families. Donate today.


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