Tailored Med Solutions June 2019 Newsletter

Tailored Med Solutions June 2019 Newsletter

TMS June 2019 Newsletter

June is here!  That means Summer and that means your practice will get busy!  Patients are out of school and on vacation.  As a result they will book those overdue medical appointments and procedures.  That’s a great thing, but are you ready?  Let Tailored Med Solutions get you ready to handle this Summer rush.  What to do first?  Read below for TMS’s summertime tips to get your practice ready!   

What does your practice need in order to get ready for busy summer months?  Here’s a list to consider:

  • How’s your front office? Make sure reception area is clean, tidy and stocked with magazines.
  • Are you fully staffed?  Over staffed?  Review your team roster.
  • Reception skills need to be on point, both desk and phone.
  • Are supplies replenished?  How about marketing material?  Be sure to send patients home with your card & appointment reminder.

Anything else?  Let TMS help you assess which areas need the most attention.  We can offer a free business consultation for a quick overview of your practice’s strengths and weakness and advise easy solutions to get you summer ready.  Click here to set up an appointment with one of our Project Managers: http://tailoredmedsolutions.com/#contact

Need help Connecting to your patients?   Let TMS shoot your Video Biography.  We make professional biography videos, which are typically 2 minute videos highlighting your CV and accomplishments with a primary focus of making a connection with current and potential patients on a more personal level. Busy practices don’t allow much time for personal patient interaction so this is an efficient and expedient way to personalize your practice’s web page.  The video bio’s are a great marketing tool for your social media and can also be looped on a TV screen in your waiting room.  Patients are often scared when getting procedures and this will be a great way to ease their mind while getting to know their doctor.

Click below to check out of TMS’s You Tube channel featuring some of our video bio’s:



Cristal’s Monthly Productivity Tip:

If new Summer staff is needed, consider the following before hiring:
  • Review length of employment on applicant’s resume.  Be cautious of “jumpers,”  those who jump from job to job.  These types have commitment problems and will not become a valuable member of your team.
  • Notice what the candidate brought to the interview.  Request resume, cover letter, professional references and any certifications that  your practice requires.  If candidate fails to bring any one of these,DO NOT HIRE!  While this may seem harsh, the failure to meet an initial requirement is indicative of the applicant’s attention to detail and general organization.
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