Tailored Med Solutions August Newsletter

Tailored Med Solutions August Newsletter

TMS August 2019 Newsletter

It’s more than half way through 2019.  Summer is almost over and it’s hot.  Some families are still on vacation while other families are back to school already.  It’s fair to call August a transition month!   Use this transition month to evaluate your practice, your staff and your  business’s bottom-line.  Did you know that high employee turn-over is one the costliest and unnecessary expenses for a business?  Happy employees take pride in the quality of their work and ultimately add value to a business.  Unhappy employees are often unhealthy and have a higher rate of absenteeism.  Worse yet, unhappy employees can lead to the loss of patients through their poor attitude and behavior.  All of the above adds up to higher business costs.  Tailored Med Solutions and our team of business development experts can help!  Read below to find out how.

Reduce Employee Turn-Over
How do you reduce employee turn-over, you ask?  The answer is simple:  Be A Better Boss!  An old saying says that “employees leave managers, not companies.”  In fact, having a bad boss is the number one reason that most people switch jobs, according to a 2018 Linked In article.   The top 5 managerial mistakes that lead to employee dissatisfaction are:
  1. Micromanaging
  2. Being overly Critical
  3. Disorganization
  4. Being a Know-it-All
  5. Impatience

Luckily there are steps you can take to reverse employee turn-over and keep employees motivated and engaged.  First, it is important to be aware of your bad habits like those listed above.  The next 4 steps will ensure that employees are happy and inspired to do their best work:

  1. Make time for employee training, especially for new hires.  Create a career development plan for each employee.  Let them imagine a happy and prosperous future at your practice.
  2. Open the lines of communication.  Make your one-on-one meetings actionable.  Always end your meetings with an action item.  Recognize your employees unique strengths.  Learn what their resentment is and remedy it.
  3. Offer flexible working environments whether through schedule or working from home where possible.
  4. Get involved in the community.  Make volunteering and other charitable programs a key part of your company culture.  People are happiest at work when they feel that they are offering something of value beyond their day-to-day responsibilities.

Unsure how to get started?  Let TMS help implement these steps.  Click here to set up an appointment: http://tailoredmedsolutions.com/#contact

Cristal’s Monthly Productivity Tips:

Invest in your Staff!
Create a team culture by organizing group yoga sessions.  This type of activity promotes both individual health and wellness and creates a community from within through shared experiences.  Your staff is forced to spend time together in a non-competitive, enjoyable environment.
TMS Wellness Workshops

A happy and healthy employee is invaluable to your company.  Invest in your staff by scheduling a TMS Wellness Workshop.  Offering wellness activities will help you as an employer during the negotiation process with your Insurance benefits carrier as well.

Each workshop is lead by our staff yoga instructor and educator, Ellen Mathews.  With 20 years of experience in yoga and meditation instruction, Ellen can tailor a wellness workshop that meets the needs of your employees. You can choose from on-site yoga class, guided meditation instruction or wellness and self-care workshops.

Each of these modalities are intended to foster well-being, higher self-esteem and inspire your employees to lead a healthier lifestyle through self-awareness and self-care.
Click here to schedule a wellness workshop:
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