Tailored Med Solution July 2019 Newsletter

Tailored Med Solution July 2019 Newsletter

TMS July 2019 Newsletter

Happy July from TMS!  Picnics, barbeques and fireworks mark the beginning of this month, creating a sense of community and belonging.  Those who feel part of a community are typically happier and more productive.  How can you inspire that same culture of happiness and productivity among your staff?  Remember that your staff makes or breaks your practice!  They are the first and the last impression of your practice.  Your professional standing and reputation can be easily tarnished by unprofessional and uninspired employees. Tailored Med Solutions Customer Service Experts can help to ensure that your staff makes their very best first and last impression.  Read below for a list of the most common patient complaints and how to remedy them.

Top 5 Patient Complaints according to I’m Sorry to Hear That…101 Most Common Complaints About Healthcare by Susan Keane Baker & Leslie Bank:
  1. I waited over an hour to be seen.
  2. I was ignored by staff while they rudely chatted among themselves.
  3. The receptionist was rude when I called to reschedule my appointment or get my test results.
  4. The staff complained about being over-worked and short-staffed.  Why don’t you hire more employees?
  5. There was no privacy at the desk when I was registering.  Everyone heard my business.
How to Remedy Those Top 5 Complaints:
While the complaints above are not surprising, what is surprising is that the all of the 5 complaints have NOTHING to do with the medical treatment administered by your healthcare  professionals.  The common thread between these complaints is plain and simple: Customer Service.  That said, know that the remedy to the above complaints and the secret to superior customer service is simple: Training.  A well-trained staff will not allow for the basic mistakes listed above to get you bad reviews on Yelp or on any of the doctor-rating web sites.  TMS advises that you train your front desk receptionist and supervisors on a regular basis.  Employees that receive regular training will feel supported and empowered to be the best employee possible.  By providing periodic training to your  staff, you demonstrate your belief in their potential.  This will build that sense of community and belonging that ultimately makes a highly effective team.  If this is not something you are currently doing, TMS can help.  We can train your staff at the clerical, supervisory and managerial levels.  Our team has over 2 decades of experience in customer service and patient care.
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Cristal’s Monthly Productivity Tips:

A Few Ideas to Build a Culture of Community Among Your Staff:
  • Set a weekly New Patient goal for your front desk staff.  Reward them with a special lunch at the end of the week.
  • Surprise your staff with Wednesday morning lattes, just because you appreciate them.  Notice how hard they work for the rest of the week.
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