September 2019 Updates in Arcadia

September 2019 Updates in Arcadia

Legislative Reports 

Maile Plan the representative of Congresswoman Judy Chu, first thanked the ACC for coming to the VA clinic opening to which they had a great attendance. The VA Clinic is an interim clinic, and currently they are looking for somewhere in the SGV to build a permanent clinic. If there are any veterans please contact the office of Congresswoman Judy Chu and they will connect you to resources. The service academy is now accepting nominations, it is four years free tuition. Service Academy is being scheduled for October. Census volunteer opportunities, and part time opportunities. The Census day itself is April 1st, they will be sending everyone through mail a notice you can either fill it out through mail or online. The census does effect the number of seats in Congress and the money California gets from the federal government. It is important for everyone to fill out the census.

Henry Lo representing Assemblymember Ed Chau reported that they will be holding a public emergency preparedness expo. The office has created two bills. The office of Assemblymember Ed Chau has been hosting public forums regarding the Census.

Sandra Maravilla representing Supervisor Kathryn Barger reported the Live Oak Library’s construction is moving along on schedule, Barger toured the site a couple month’s ago. The LA County Fair is back, this year the theme is celebrating pop culture throughout LA County.

Tim Schwehr, Economic Development Analyst for the City of Arcadia reported that on Sunday the Arcadia Public Library will be the host of the first weekly Arcadia Farmer’s Market. La Meridian Hotel is under construction. The city recently entered into an agreement to redevelop the parking lot, this will involve some of the surrounding businesses in that area, at this point it is just in discussion. On Saturday, Sept 21st,  will be the Arcadia Chinese Association’s Moon Festival on the Arcadia City Hall Lawn. An update on the state of Eisenhower Park, the city is doing a full redesign of the park. The council decided to put back in the basketball courts due to community feedback. The LA County Arboretum will be bringing back the MoonLight Forest starting on the second week of November.

MAD Town Council reported that their meeting this month will be at Pamela Park.

Mike Vercillo, Community Affairs Officer of the Arcadia Police Department reported that crime is down in Arcadia, especially property related crimes. The See something say something is probably one of this biggest factors to the lower crime rate. Th homeless that are coming through the Gold Line have led to an increase in homeless activity within the city limits of Arcadia.

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