Public Health reminds you to Beware Health Inspector Impostors


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Scam artists posing as health inspectors are targeting restaurants across Los Angeles County trying to gain financial advantage by manipulatin g food facility owners.

An Environmental Health Specialist (“Health Inspector”) should always:
• Introduce themselves to the owner or manager,
• Present a County issued photo identification card,
• Present a County issued business card on request, and
• Direct the owner or manager to pay any fees at the local Environmental Health office,

Environmental Health Headquarters, or to the Payment Portal online at:
If the “health inspector” is unable to provide valid photo ID and/or a business card, contact your local Environmental Health Office to confirm that they are a current employee. If the office is unable to confirm the “health inspector’s” identity, contact your local law enforcement agency.

An Environmental Health Specialist DOES NOT:
• Call to schedule appointments for routine inspections. Inspections are unannounced,
• Accept payment for services during an inspection,
• Charge money or fees for letter grades, other signs, or equipment,
• Sell or endorse products, or
• Ask owners to call phone numbers and enter numeric codes,or tell the owner to give out a code when called to schedule an inspection.

If the “Health Inspector” is requesting that you pay them directly for a service contact your local Environmental Health Office and your local law enforcement agency.

What should I do if I receive a call from someone saying they are a “health inspector” asking for personal or secure information?
• Don’t give out any personal or secure information,
• Get a name and contact number,
• Call your local health department, and
• Call your local law enforcement agency.

The impersonation of a public officer is a criminal offense. Anyone found impersonating a health inspector or any government employee is guilty of a felony crime.

If you have questions and/or information regarding fraudulent activity contact Environmental Health at (888)700-9995. For more information on permits and inspections, visit the Public Health website at

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