Mt. Sierra celebrates Grand Opening

With exalted arms, George Zhao proclaimed, “This is my dream!” before the crowd of bustling attendees. The Chairman of the Board for Mt. Sierra College could not be more gracious to have community support for his confirmed vision.

On March 9, Mt. Sierra College celebrated the Grand Opening of its brand new campus at 800 Royal Oaks Dr. in Monrovia. With Arcadia, Monrovia, and Duarte Chambers present, a ribbon was extended in unity and then cut by three pairs of scissors. All were welcomed to the innovative and transporting place of higher education by the Mt. Sierra administration and students. Chamber representatives each stepped forward offering their certificates of recognition and their well wishes for a future of only the best success. Arcadia Chamber CEO Karen Mac Nair and President-Elect Vicki Knight of Century Rooter presented to George Zhao the signature new member plaque embossed with the peacock as well as a certificate of recognition. Arcadia Council Member Sho Tay also presented a certificate of recognition on behalf of the City of Arcadia.

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Focusing on the technological enterprise as the core of its curriculum, the dexterous surroundings of stacked, rectangular chandeliers and 3-D cinematography to promote students’ achievements, reflects the heeding mission of the college. Students choose Mt. Sierra to gather an expertise in design, media arts, business, and technology but also graduate as leaders ready to impact their creative skills upon their chosen industry. The unbounded and transparent floor plan of the campus is a tangible example of how the inventive process of students is encouraged to freely expand.

Following the ribbon-cutting, George Zhao spoke of his inspiration for the new campus as deriving from his children whose names create Wellsland, the educational investment company behind Mt. Sierra College. His legacy will one day be theirs. He lives and leads with the understanding that present success is ultimately a building block for future generations to develop. The optimism that he has for the college and its students sustained the celebratory mood as attendees moved to fill the main entrance lobby for food and refreshments after the ceremony. Ample grilled sandwiches filled with deli meats and vegetables, colorful tortilla wraps, individually packaged Caesar salads, and palm-sized gourmet tarts splayed across the buffet table. Attendees readily built their plates and chattered about their impressions of the college. Eyes inadvertently looked upwards and around as compliments were doled to the administration and staff for the impressive building that materializes the work of its students across the media panels.

Raffle tickets were circulated around the space for an abundant array of complimentary Mt. Sierra apparel and goods. Arcadia Chamber Ambassador Annette Ousterhout contributed a gift bag filled with a Starbucks card and Jan’s Towing merchandise as congratulatory support. With easy smiles, attendees gladly took away with them their prizes and a sense of the vast possibilities that Mt. Sierra offers to its students.

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