Happy New Year from Mt Lowe Brewing Co

Happy New Year from Mt Lowe Brewing Co
Mt. Lowe Brewing Co.


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Happy New Year to all of our amazing customers out there! We can’t believe another year has gone by, but we are so excited to see what is in store for us this year. We have so many exciting plans that will be taking place and cannot wait to share with all of you.



Resilience IPA


We’re supporting those impacted by the Camp Fire by brewing #ResilienceIPA. We will donate 100% of

Resilience sales to the Sierra Nevada Camp Fire Relief Fund to help Butte County rebuild its community.




We’re supporting those impacted by the Camp Fire by brewing the Resilience IPA. We were happy to join in on the cause and excited that others were too.  Sierra Nevada Brewing company has partnered with craft breweries to help those in need. All profits from this beer will be going to those affected by the California’s Camp Fire. 100% of the sales will be going to the victims. Please join us this Sunday to help promote this amazing benefit. This is so important for our community to come together and do their part to help all those who have been affected by the fires. Beer for a cause!




January Events

Loweteria is held every Tuesday at 6pm

Wednesday at 7:30pm is Trivia Night

Every Sunday Bingo starts at 2pm

Musician Sarah Lightman is preforming on the 4th at 5pm

Voodoo Kyle will be singing his heart out on the 5th at 7pm

Resilience IPA Fundraiser starts at 2pm until 6pm on the 6th

Musician Apryle Dalmacio will be here for the 1st time on the 10th at 7pm

Another new singer Taylor Teasley will be here on the 12th at 7pm

Sarah Lightman is back in action for us on the 13th at 5pm

Our monthly Paint and Pint Night event is on the 14th at 7pm

Sloan Dalley will be back and singing for us at 7pm on the 17th

More Live Music! Andrew Seminara will be here the 18th at 9pm

GetFit by Kama will start on the 19th at 11am

The Great Giovanni Simone will be back to sing on the 19th at 7pm

Mikael Pederson will then be singing for us on the 21st at 7pm

Monthly Comedy Night starts at 8pm on the 22nd

DJ ISLAS will be here on the 25th at 8pm

Kids Morning Yoga starting the 26th at 11am


We are truly honored that you enjoy our events so much! Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see more often or if you have any event idea’s. Always check our website for any events that you will need to purchase tickets or feel free to email us for any information.





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What are your Goals for 2019:


Em: To get our backyard finished (Joey really likes to take his sweet time with this), to take our kids to visit some new places and to continue loving my job.


Joey: To continue to try and contribute to the things that make the people around me happy and successful.


Amy:  Mine is to not be as poor as possible. Oh and I guess graduate, that would be cool not to fail out of school.


Mel: To lose my beer weight.


Kama: Go on a mission trip to Africa. Save enough money to move back to Hawaii.


Steph: To be prosperous in my career.


Andie: To have my truck lifted and get some bad ass rims and tires for my baby.


Alli: To successfully start a women’s streetwear clothing brand, so dope that men will want to wear it too.


Brittany:  My goals for 2019 is to go back to school and work out more! More workouts for more beer!



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Mt. Lowe History



Random Fact of the Month: Mt. Lowe Railway opened on 4 July 1893, and consisted of nearly seven miles (11.2 km) of track starting in Altadena, California at a station called Mountain Junction.




Again, we just want to thank you for continuing your support. We will continue to strive to do our best to bring you quality craft beer. This year will be a year of new brews (and of course some of our old brews), new events and a lot of fun! We hope you enjoyed spending the last year with us. Cheers to you and the new year. Image may contain: drink and indoor

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