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Pet Porter Pals
Address: Lake Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91104
Business type: Pet Transport
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About the business:

What We Do

Pet Porter Pals strives to maintain the precious bond between animals and humans by keeping seniors and their pets connected by providing pet care and personal pet visits.

Seniors who find it increasingly difficult to meet the needs of caring for their pets are at risk of being separated from them, which would be heartbreaking not only for them but for the pet as well.

For seniors who have already entrusted their pet to a loved one to resume care for, a simple weekly visit could be the very moment that brightens their day and lifts their spirits. The pets are sure to be filled with joy and excitement as well once they are reconnected with their special person.

Our Mission

To bring joy, enrichment and overall wellness to the lives of seniors and the pets who love them unconditionally.

Our Vision

A world where seniors and their pets can spend their golden years together without the fear of being separated.

Our Values

We believe pets are an essential part of our daily lives and should be cherished.​
We respect all aspects of diversity with regard to each and every pet parent/guardian/pal​.
We understand the special bond that exists between pets and their human companions.



Phone Number: (626) 399-5421
Contact person: Carmel Mims, Owner
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