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Address: 1321 S. Shamrock Ave. Monrovia, CA 91016
Business type: Fitness / Personal Trainer
About the business:

Step back with me for a moment and think when was the last time that you prioritized your body. When was the last time that you got out of your chair and destroyed a workout, because you cared enough about how your body will work in 10 years from now? When was the last time that you choose to eat a balanced diet, because you cared enough about feeling energized and productive throughout your day? And when was the last time that you stepped away from the work and stress to remember – you’re still human and you’re worth the time.

I challenge you to step up today and invest in the most sacred asset that you’ve got, your body. Take the next 14 days to challenge your fitness, nutrition, and stress, and I guarantee you that by the end of it, you’ll want to take a couple steps further. Here are 9 habits that you can choose to adopt for the next 14 days:


-take a 30 minute walk at the start or end of your day

-get up and do 15 jumping jacks every 20 minutes at work

-challenge a friend to start exercising with you daily


-increase your water intake

-swap out all your carbs from one meal for green, leafy veggies

-start your morning off with a green smoothie


-take up a 5 minute meditation practice

-get outside and experience nature twice a week

-schedule at least 3 hours a week to just relax and unwind

If you complete this challenge, shoot me an email at to let me know how you liked it! If you have any other questions related to fitness or nutrition, submit it here at for a chance to have your question featured on the Arcadia Weekly, Monrovia Weekly, or Pasadena Independent newspapers.

Phone Number: (626) 566 8027
Contact person: Yajen Tan
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