Impact Networking
Address: 700 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Business type: Networking Group
About the business:

Our teams work together to design, implement and support our solutions and technology. We use automation to help businesses reduce redundant, manual or paper-based processes. This leads to increased efficiency and operational goals achieved.

Our analytical model promotes the design of comprehensive and innovative business process automation solutions. These solutions are powered by industry-leading technology and supported by certified technical experts.

We count on our employees to deliver an exceptional and successful experience, which is why fostering a positive employee culture is the final piece to delivering exceptional customer service.

Phone Number: 747-220-3449
Contact person: Jose Alvarez
Address: Meeting place at Cooc’s in Arcadia – 1150 Colorado Blvd
Business type: Networking
Phone Number: (626) 975-5677
Contact person: Gregg Shields, Treasurer
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