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Health & Nutritian


Next Best Thing To Fruits and VegetablesJuice Plus+ products are made from the juice powder concentrates and oils from 48 different fruits, vegetables and grains. While Juice Plus+ isn’t a substitute for eating fruits and vegetables, our whole food-based products support a healthy diet by offering a much wider variety of naturally occurring vitamins, along with antioxidants and phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Every Juice Plus+ product is made from quality ingredients grown farm fresh, providing the natural nutrients your body needs.

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Health Products
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Sachi Hirashiki
Unlimited Health Institute
225 South Lake Avenue, #300, Pasadena, CA 91101
Health Institute

As a wife, mom and physician, I can relate very well to the multitude of stressors that can hit a person on a daily basis. I understand that people are often searching for more hours in a day to accomplish the several tasks set before them. As a result, I wanted to encourage people to STOP being reactive to life and START being proactive with their lives. Therefore, I developed a practice that enables me to connect with my patients, encouraging them to embrace life and set forth on a path that develops personal well-being, inner and outer beauty and a healthier lifestyle.

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Dr. Tamika Henry, MD, MBA
LL Kennedy & Associates
160 N. Oakland Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101
So Cal Women’s Health Conference

Community Women Vital Voices

Cal Women’s Health / Beauty & Empowerment Conference & Expo Is All About

The So Cal Women’s Health / Beauty & Empowerment Conference & Expo brings together thousands of women, families, community-based health organizations, medical professionals, and beauty and wellness experts for a day of education, inspiration, and fun.

Admission is FREE, however attendees must register at no charge to participate in workshops.


Lena Kennedy
Scan Health Plan
3800 Kilroy Airport Way, #100
Health Insurance

An MAPD Plan with Heart

At SCAN Health Plan, we put our hearts into helping seniors stay healthy and independent. SCAN delivers real value to our members, including benefits and services based on what matters most to them, such as preventive care and screenings, coverage for everyday medication, and much more.

Just as important, SCAN is WITH you when you need us. Each call is directed to a knowledgeable representative ready to answer your questions.  With a state-wide network of over 21,000 doctors and multiple hospitals in your community, SCAN is WITH you every step of the way.

SCAN is pleased to be awarded 4 out of 5 stars by Medicare on many SCAN plans for 2017*. We work hard with the doctors and other healthcare providers in our network to ensure members get the preventive care and screenings that will help them stay healthy – and receive the care they need to help them get well.

Call Member Services at 1-800-559-3500 for additional information. (TTY Users: 711). Hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week from October 1 to February 14.

From February 15 to September 30 hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. Messages received on holidays and outside of our business hours will be returned within one business day.

Michelle Ng
Bamboo Rejuv Therapy
638 W Duarte Rd, Suite 3 Arcadia, CA 91007
Acupuncture therapy

Bamboo Rejuv Therapy offers a variety of natural healing services designed to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. We consider ourselves educators as well as healers, since we teach each patient about the strength that they carry within their own bodies. Start your healing journey today by giving us a call.  

What We Can Do For You


All of our individualized treatments are carefully designed to relieve your pain and help you live a happier, more comfortable life. Our perception of health focuses on our patient’s body’s structure, physiological systems, diet and nutrition, and their emotional and psychological state. Check out our list of treatments and services below to learn more about what we can do to help you heal.

Botox Free Rejuvenation

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Want a holistic approach to looking younger while improving your overall health? We assure you that our treatment is all safe, risk free, affordable and effective comparison to Botox or plastic surgery. Plus your appearance changes are not as drastic nor sudden. It is a great choice for people who need to avoid recovery time and prefer a natural look. No pain guarantee! Try today to receive 50% for your first treatment.

Boost the Immune System

Electronic Moxibustion

Our state of art electronic moxibustion beds help stimulate sluggish, deficient or stagnated “Qi”with the therapeutic heat throughout the meridians. The heat then amplifies the healing effects of acupuncture and alleviates chronic localized or systemic pain. Try our moxibustion bed today for $25 off.

Reduce Free Radicals

Acupuncture and Acupressure

Research and clinical studies shows that acupuncture and acupressure can effectively fight free radicals and cancer cells in our body. Our experienced licensed acupuncturists specialized in using unique manual techniques designed to help reduce your cancer-related pain and improve your quality of life during your cancer treatment. Make an appointment today to receive your free consultation.

Nutrition and Detoxification

Herbal and Vitamine Prescriptions

Using the organic herbs and supplements, our licensed acupuncturists create individual prescriptions for their patients’ treatment and care. We also carry easy-to-use herbal granules as well as several ready-made herbal powder and pills to maximize absorption. Schedule a free consultation session  with our licensed acupuncturist today to discuss your needs.

Ready to start healing yourself? Get in touch and book an appointment today.

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Arbonne – Pilar Olivar, Independent Consultant
Pasadena, CA 91104
Skincare & Nutrition
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Pilar Oliva, Independent Consultant
Arbonne – Julia Tucker, Independent Consultant / Area Manager
Pasadena, CA 91106
Health & Beauty

Arbonne combines superior, botanically based products with a generous compensation plan,
exceptional support, training and committed leadership to create the perfect window of
opportunity for you.

With Arbonne, life is full of awesome opportunity — to earn a living, enjoy a flexible schedule,
to transform your life and the lives of others. Imagine the possibilities! Discover how fulfilling
life can be as an Arbonne Independent Consultant.

Contact me to learn more.

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Julia Tucker
801 W. Huntington Drive #800, Arcadia, CA 91007
Alternative Medicine
Francis C. Yu
Tailored Med Solutions
Azusa, CA 91702

Cristal Morse has more than 15 years of experience in the medical arena, where she was instrumental to the business development, increase in profits and improved standards of several certified clinics.

Holding a B.S. in Technical Management and a Lean Six Sigma Certification, Cristal’s previous career as the Director of Imaging Services saw her manage the daily operations of two Diagnostic Imaging Centers. While maintaining high medical standards, Cristal upheld regulatory requirements and recruited and trained qualified medical professionals.

Cristal skillfully executed budgets, project planning and the management of people and resources to obtain exceptional results in the day to day running of the clinics and in urgent and critical circumstances. Throughout all planning and management Cristal rigorously incorporated passionate measures to ensure the safety, well-being and support of patients.

After being diagnosed with cancer in December 2014, Cristal underwent hours of surgery and radiation and fortunately saw her cancer go from stage four to stage one. Inspired by her fight with cancer and eager to spend more time with husband and three children, Cristal decided it was time for a career change. Her observations and very own experience as a cancer patient of the poor communication and lack of connectivity between doctors and patient, strengthened her mission to assist medical practices bridge the gap to provide better services to patients and increased efficiency in operations.

Cristal focuses on assisting medical practices whether new or established, structure their business adequately, hiring and retain a talented team of professionals, handle complex strategies such as marketing and development and structure medical policies and procedures to meet national regulatory standards. As a Consultant Cristal continues to use her network, expertise and experience in the medical community to bring about change.

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Cristal Morse
WinFit – Body Shaping System
707 West Valley Blvd, Suite 22, Alhambra, CA
Body Shaping System

WinFit Body Shaping SystemWF-USA-R
Reduced Body Fat
Reduced Inches
Improved Muscle Tone
Increased Energy
Enhanced Overall Wellness
No Calorie Restrictions
No Extreme Exercise
No Restrictions on Healthy Eating
No Drugs, Stimulants or Chemicals

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Frances Harsono, Independent Distributor
Pacific Clinics
800 S. Santa Anita Ave. Arcadia, CA 91006
Health care

Through its dedicated staff, consumers, family members, volunteers and benefactors, Pacific Clinics provides innovative leadership in our communities, offering treatment, prevention and early intervention, program development and evaluation, research, training, and public education and advocacy, frequently in partnership with other social services organizations.

• Treatment for persons with serious and persistent mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse who may have nowhere else to turn for services…
• Community/school-based prevention and early intervention programs to address mental health issues — before they adversely affect lives…
• Cost-effective treatments and supportive programs for persons from birth to older adulthood, continually pursuing the use of evidence-based practices in all our work.
• The latest evaluation methods in collaboration with researchers, practitioners and distinguished local educational institutions as well as behavioral healthcare professionals from across the nation and the world…
• Training programs and conferences responsive to the education needs of our field’s professionals, paraprofessionals and students as well as to consumers and members of our communities seeking information and knowledge, helping to dispel the stigma of mental illness…
• Advocacy and public education programs that address the integrated healthcare concerns of our clients and communities and raise awareness about the importance of mental health in our daily lives and its critical role in the well-being of our society

Lindy Russell
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