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Sonata Room
Address: 210 N. First Ave., Arcadia, CA 91006
Business type: Dance Studio
Business summary: We opened the Sonata Room to share the elegance and beauty of Latin Dance. Our breezy, air-conditioned studio is located in the beautiful town of Arcadia and boasts a 3000 square foot hardwood floor, mirrored walls and plenty of parking. Each weekend, we host either a Salsa Social where you can show off and share hot moves or an elegant Ballroom Party that recalls the glamour of times gone by. We have great music, guest DJ’s and Super DJ Brandon as well. We cater each event with homemade gourmet appetizers and snacks.
About the business:

Sonata Room was founded by Laura Powell & Brandon Kwae, two people who are very passionate about dancing as well as teaching, to spread the art of great partner dancing & various forms of dancing.Known as patient, meticulous & technical instructors, they continue to strive to improve their teaching & dancing technique in pursuit of their goal to make it easier and fun for their students to learn how to dance in addition to producing quality dancers.Sonata Room will not possible without the help of our great & caring students. We thank the following for their generous effort, time & contributions in making this studio beautiful: Mark Rodighiero, Jesse Calderon, Keiko Matlock, Tom Kolodner, Vincy Mandy Cheng, Noe Ambriz, Eunice Kwan, Siubing Nagata, Melissa Sunjaya Symons, Mayari Soto, Karen Kuns, Tuyen Van, Alph Batista, Aaron Taubman, Norman Lee, Raymond Moorrees, Jennifer Fan, Yvonne Guo, Gilbert Acuna, Irma Martinez, Rie Yamamoto, Lany Puspitawati, Stella Chow, Mary Gilman, Maria Cheung & others who we forget to mention.

Once a month, we have a well attended Sonata Milonga which includes a class and performance with guest Tango luminaries.

We are a boutique dance studio. Our teaching style works to achieve a balance between technique, steps, patterns, and musicality.  Our students learn the basics with finesse.  We are proud that our teaching style has resulted in over 100 award winning students.  

We are known for our friendly and open atmosphere. Join us for a weekend dance party or stop by for a class, a private lesson, or to choreograph your special day. There is nothing like Social Dancing to make you forget your troubles, have fun and meet new people.

Shall we dance?

Laura and Brandon

Phone Number: 626-286-0373
Contact person: Laura Powell
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