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TYRA Beauty is not just a cosmetics line.
It’s a COSMETICS EXPERIENCE! And it’s all wrapped up in BEAUTYTAINMENT—where beauty and entertainment collide.

We preach and teach the power of tooching booties, strutting thighs, posing tips, and smizing eyes. We make you look and feel more beautiful than you ever thought possible! With my beauty secrets and secret beauty weapons, this cosmetics experience is all about Beauty. Business. Badassery.


Without makeup, I would have never been a supermodel. I don’t wake up with naturally sculpted cheekbones—I paint them on! Just because we were not all born with naturally long lashes or plump lips doesn’t mean we can’t be as fierce as a woman who was! If you think about it, natural beauty is kind of unfair.

I believe makeup is the great beauty equalizer. With groundbreaking beauty technology and innovative formulas, I’m giving you the power to transform what you’ve got…into what you want.

As a young model, I studied how world- renowned makeup artists transformed my face, and I mastered their craft. I applied my fiercest face at fashion shows, and my fellow supermodels started lining up for me to paint their faces, too! On America’s Next Top Model, I have given TYovers, model makeovers, for the last decade, and now it’s time for me to Ty-YOU-over!



Two years ago, I graduated from Harvard Business School’s three-year Owner/President Management Program. So many people were like, “Why the heck did TYRA go back to school?!” I can finally let you in on my secret! I attended Harvard to build and lead my cosmetics business. TYRA Beauty is a 100% self-funded startup. My dream is to create a legacy brand that gives everyone access to become an entrepreneur.

My goal is to help you be the CEO of your life! YOU can start your own business by selling TYRA Beauty products. I am galvanizing a community of entrepreneurs called “Beautytainers” who will sell products by throwing fierce parties at their homes and online. We’ll provide cool, customized ways to help our Beautytainers use their social media networks to promote their business, and they’ll be able to create a personalizedTYRA Beauty website with cutting edge technology. Plus, my TYRA Beauty team and I will train our Beautytainers in the art of fusing beauty and entertainment and rackin’ up them Bank$igns!

I’m a business, man. And you can be, too!


True badassery is all about doing things bigger, bolder, and…BADDER! Yes, I am mobilizing an army of Beautytainers – bonafide badass entrepreneurs. Every badass beauty business needs its own anthem, right?! I’ve collaborated with Motown’s hottest new artist STORi to create a badass rhapsody calledBOOTYful that will have you throwing your hands up, celebrating your unique beauty, and werkin’ every hallway like a runway! Let’s celebrate beauty from the OUTside in—one juicy, fit, dimpled, skinny, fat ass at a time!

How do I spell beauty…

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Porsha House
Bielle Cosmetics, Inc.
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At Bielle Cosmetics, we take pride in our commitment to remain second to none in quality control, customer service and product excellence. Our success relies on the ability to formulate products through scientific and medical evidence rather than conventional use of binders, thickeners, and fillers.  We offer a unique and comprehensive range of products combining the latest break-through in natural, herbal and botanical ingredients with innovative state-of-the-art formulae.  Even in this highly regarded, sophisticated field of cosmeceuticals, we represent the apex of bio-medical research, formulation and development.

We are a research and development company for cosmeceutical and skincare products specializing in medical skincare as well as consumer-driven products. The company’s greatest asset is our research and development team, cosmetic chemists, cell biologists, physicians, pharmacists and dermatologists– all of whom have decades of experience in the coveted fields of anti-aging and cell growth technology. We follow strict methods of quality control with GMP guidelines.

Our serums are highly enriched and concentrated with 85% pharmaceutical-grade anti-aging ingredients, placing Bielle at the forefront of a constantly evolving beauty care industry.

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Cosmetic Research
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Kathy Park, CEO
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