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Singpoli Construction
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Singpoli is more than our name.  It’s also our mantra.

In Chinese, “Sing” means honesty, sincerity and credibility.  “Po” means protection and preservation.  “Li” means profitability.  Put together, Singpoli stands for honestly protecting the best interests of our clients, investors and employees.

The logo, which represents a glowing flame, embodies Singpoli Group’s passion, ability, and commitment to sustain and strive in all economic climates.

Honesty is an inherited core value from our multi-cultural background. Singpoli Group’s cornerstone for business success is based upon honesty and a vision to serve as the leading real estate industry link between the east and the west.

Throughout our more than 30 year history, Singpoli’s guiding philosophy has remained the same: recognize opportunity amidst uncertainty. Where others see problems or danger, we often see an undervalued property. From there, we strive to maximize asset values and achieve high rates of return for our global clientele.

There is no risk-free real estate investment, though. To manage risk, we select only the most desirable locations both for investment and development. We pay close attention to cash flow, quality of tenants, market dynamics and financing alternatives. Only by taking great care with the details have we been able to withstand the test of time and produce a track record of excellence and efficiency.

The other key is leveraging our collective knowledge, insight and powerful connections. Thanks to our diverse expertise and multicultural heritage, Singpoli can provide complete real estate services as well as advanced investment solutions, including asset management, wealth management and immigrant investor projects.

In addition to our real estate activities, Singpoli supports art and charitable organizations within the local community, including investments in innovation projects in Pasadena and cutting-edge medical research at local universities.

This enduring foundation continues to reinforce the platform where Singpoli Group expends across multi-facet disciplines in the real estate industry, including architecture design, development, investment, construction, asset management, and finance. The synergy and expertise from these disciplines proved to be crucial to the group success in completing several high profile syndicated real estate transactions.

Professionalism and integrity make up the core of our business. Singpoli is the honest solution for successful transpacific real estate business.

Ivy Leung-Hui
Romani Construction
Arcadia, CA 91006
Custom Home Builders

Welcome to Romani Construction and Development

Founded in 1984 by Jim Romani, Romani Construction and Development has become a leader in innovative design and high quality construction of homes throughout southern California. His careful attention to detail and demand for excellent craftsmanship is a hallmark of his work. With more than 35 years of experience in the construction industry, Jim brings his expertise from many fields together to create homes of outstanding value and appeal.



Romani Construction builds houses. Not just houses, but one of a kind works of art made  for living in.

Each project is individually created with the integrity that reflects the priority of putting excellence first in the building of a home. Romani Construction and Development can provide the whole package, from design to completion. Call for a consultation to determine if we can meet your construction needs.

Romani Construction can create for you a one of a kind dwelling place you’ll be proud to call “home.”

As owner, you will choose your level of involvement in the building process. You may want to be on site daily, conferring with Jim on every detail. Or, you may simply say, “Just build a beautiful house and let me know when it’s done.” Whether you fall in one of those two categories or somewhere in between, as your builder, Mr. Romani will welcome your involvement in this important process. At the same time you can be assured that Jim’s attention to detail and ability to provide his clients with the best built house possible will allow you to relax, and trust that the finished product will exceed your expectations.

Over the years, Romani has built a reputation of constant excellence in his projects, with a host of subcontractors who know what he wants and happily produce the high quality services required. They say a builder is only as good as his subcontractors, and Jim has a rapport with his subs that is unsurpassed, and says, “I always try to create an atmosphere of trust on the job, and make sure my subcontractors are paid promptly. They can count on me as much as I can count on them.”

Romani Construction is also known for including “hidden details,” those which many other builders neglect, because the client will supposedly not notice. Most clients do notice, unfortunately, after the home is built and it’s too late. What other builders may consider to be “extra” procedures are standard for Romani Construction.

Choosing your builder is the first big decision of many, but also the most important one. We appreciate your time and consideration of Romani Construction. Together, we can create your dream home!

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Jim Romani, Owner
Bade Construction Co., Inc.
77 W. Las Tunas Dr. #202, Arcadia, CA 91007
General Contractor/Developer

Bade Construction Co., Inc. provides exceptional service by working closely together as a cohesive, professional team. We are committed to have your building or remodeling experience be cost-effective, efficient and smooth. Our professional staff is ready to serve you.

Milton Bade, the founder of the business, started building homes in the 1960’s. His wife, Pat, has been actively involved in the business for the past several years. His son, Chris, started in the building business as soon as he could swing a hammer and developed homes for over thirty years. His daughter, Susan Bade Hull, an attorney, is particularly helpful in managing the business. The company’s superintendent, Jim Taylor, has over thirty years experience in building and has been with Bade Construction for over 22 years. Bade Construction is financially sound and employs a certified public accountant as well as office staff.

We are successfully carrying on the family business, as well as carrying on the legacies of Milton and Chris. Collectively, Bade Construction’s employees have over 57 years experience in the construction and development business.

(626) 574-7354
(626) 574-5991
Susan Bade Hull
1359 Bentley Ct., West Covina, CA 91791
(626) 533-1942
Jason Mak
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