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240 West Huntington Dr. · P.O. Box 60021 · Arcadia, CA 91066
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About Arcadia

Arcadia was incorporated in 1903 and became a Charter City in 1951.  It is an upper-middle class community of approximately 60,000 people in an 11.2 square mile area located 20 miles east of Los Angeles.  The City government is “full-service” with its own Police Department, Fire Department and Library, and a City Council-City Manager form of government

Arcadia is known for beautiful neighborhoods, warm character and a “community of homes” atmosphere.  The City places great emphasis on preserving “green space” and its commitment to the environment is evidenced by the large population of healthy trees you will find around town.  Arcadia has been designated a Tree City USA for seventeen consecutive years.

Arcadians take pride in their well-established traditions and high standards.  The Arcadia Unified School District is one of the most highly thought of in the State; high quality medical services are available locally; and an excellent assortment of recreation and leisure activities are offered for all ages.

Arcadia has a broad commercial base with businesses ranging from the very small to the very large.  Westfield Santa Anita is a popular regional mall; downtown Arcadia has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years; south, west and north Arcadia all have thriving businesses; and many consider Santa Anita Race Track to be the finest facility of its type in the country.

With respect for its heritage, appreciation of the present, and excitement about the future, Arcadia remains true to its motto of “Community of Homes” by maintaining a good balance of quality economic development that mixes harmoniously with its primarily residential nature.  Arcadians take great pride in their community and the qualities associated with the City are not taken for granted.  It is not by accident that Arcadia is referred to as a jewel among southern California communities.


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(626) 574-5400
250 W Huntington Drive, Arcadia, CA 91007
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Keeping Arcadia Safe Through Community Outreach Programs and Crime Prevention Protocols

Out motto is “Making A Difference”

Mike Vercillo, Community Affairs Officer
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