Santa Anita Church
Address: 226 W Colorado Blvd, Arcadia, CA
Business type: Church
About the business:

Our Purpose

As a spiritual community we attract, inspire and empower those who seek to discover and expand their unique expression of God’s light. Reaching out through prayer, music, education, and service, we celebrate, growing together in spiritual fellowship.

Our Vision

We envision a community where all people live to their full potential, experiencing love, peace, harmony, health, and abundance by practicing the Golden Rule and other teachings of Christ.

Our Sunday Service Schedule

10:20 AM Guided Meditation – The Sanctuary

10:30-11:30 AM Sunday Morning Service – The Sanctuary with Rev. Terry Keenan
Sunday School – The Growing Place (Grade School – High School)
Child Care – The Nursery (Infant – Preschool)

11:45 AM Personal Healing – See Rev. Lynne Hulsebos
Coffee & Refreshments – Patio
Potluck – Fellowship Hall (First Sunday of the month)
Communion – Sanctuary (Last Sunday of the month)

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Phone Number: 626-446-8206
Contact person: Amalia Seresinghe
Chabad Arcadia
Address: 617 W Wistaria Ave, Duarte, CA 91007
Business type: Jewish Arcadia
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About the business:

Sholom was born in 1990 in Montreal, Canada where he attended the Rabbinical College of Canada until June 2007. He then studied at the Yeshivas Lubavitch of Baltimore for 3 years and Rabbinical college of America in Morristown, NJ for 2 years.

In 2013, he received Rabbinic ordination at The Machon Chaim Institute for Rabbinical Ordination in Melbourne, Australia.

Sholom has always been dedicated to assisting his fellow Jews throughout the world; he’s been the director of Jewish summer camps in Belgium, Ukraine, and Milwaukee, WI. He has been involved in voluntary outreach work in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Holland, Israel, Italy, Ukraine, and in several of the United States.

Phone Number: (626) 539-4578
Contact person: Rabbi Sholom Stiefel, Co-Director
Holy Angels Parish
Address: 370 Campus Dr. Arcadia, CA 91007
Business type: Church
About the business:

Business summary: As a community of disciples of Jesus Christ, Holy Angels parishioners are committed to continuing the Lord’s work and making Him known to all. We accept the challenge to be a community dedicated to worship, education, service, caring for each other and mutual respect. We foster growth and welcome change while embracing our Catholic traditions.



Phone Number: (626) 447-1671
Contact person: Fr Kevin Rettig, Pastor
Church of the Nazarene – LA Distrcit
Address: 255 E. Santa Clara St. #300, Arcadia, CA 91006
Business type: Churches
About the business:

The mission of the Church of the Nazarene is to make Christlike disciples in the nations.

We are a Great Commission church (Matthew 28:19-20). As a global community of faith, we are commissioned to take the Good News of life in Jesus Christ to people everywhere and to spread the message of scriptural holiness (Christlike living) across the lands.

The Church of the Nazarene bonds together individuals who have made Jesus Christ Lord of their lives, sharing in Christian fellowship and seeking to strengthen each other in faith development through worship, preaching, training, and service to others.

We strive to express the compassion of Jesus Christ to all persons, along with our personal commitment to Christlike living.

While the primary motive of the church is to glorify God, we also are called to actively participate in His mission—reconciling the world to himself.

The statement of mission contains historical essentials of our mission: evangelism, sanctification, discipleship, compassion. The essence of holiness is Christlikeness.

Nazarenes are becoming a sent people—into homes, work places, communities, and villages, as well as other cities and countries. Missionaries are now sent from all regions of the world. God continues calling ordinary people to do extraordinary things made possible by the person of the Holy Spirit.

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Phone Number: (626) 446-7300
Fax: (626) 798-3309
Contact person: Shay Pierson
Church of the Good Shepherd
Address: 400 W. Duarte Rd. Arcadia, CA 91007
Business type: Churches
About the business:
The church has been the local affiliate of the Methodist Hospital of Southern California since its opening in 1957.

Please join us for one of our main services in Arcadia, CA.

Sunday Morning Worship @ 8am in the Chapel & 10am in the Sanctuary

The atmosphere is relaxed, worship is incredible, and our Bible-based messages are relevant to your daily life.  Our ultimate goal is to help you grow deeper in your relationship with God.

Our hope is that you will come, connect, grow, and serve with us. We have ministries tailored to every member of our community – preschooler, youth, parent, professional, and/or senior adult.  We also have small groups, mission trips, and special events throughout the year.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to getting to know you!

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Phone Number: (626) 447-2181
Fax: (626) 447-5043
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