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Business Consulting

At M³ Solutions we approach your business the way it was built, as a multidimensional organization. We specialize in Leadership, Strategy, Operational Assessments, and Restructuring with the end goal to improve your cycles and profitability
Michelle Martinez
Live ADHD Free
678 E Walnut St, Pasadena CA 91101
Business Coaching

Welcome to Live ADHD Free


Live ADHD offers personalized ADHD coaching for adults, students, executives, couples, and business leaders. Founded by Carol Gignoux, M.Ed., Live ADHD Free focuses on helping those with ADHD live a better life. Carol is one of the longest serving ADHD coaches and coach trainers in the industry. Her pioneering approach ensures permanent behavior change. Combining over 40 years of experience with the latest research, Carol offers ADHD coaching programs as a business consultant and family counselor. Her goal is to bring out the best in her clients with Innovator brains.

Carol Gignoux
IVAD Communications
9511 McLennan Ave, Northridge, CA 91344
Telecom / Communications / Phone Service

About the business: We opened back in the early 90s. Our review process are at our cost. We will review your needs, find the best solutions and in most at a savings.

Ivad Complete Consulting Groups originally began to help companies find the best solutions and savings for their business in the Telecom field. Over the years we been asked for help to find business tools so we continue to grow. we recently have invited a full staff of consultants with a diverse range of backgrounds and experience that have joined our Consulting group.

Our solutions continue to support all our customers telecom, Internet and data needs.

We added the following Consultants to our group specializing in: LED lighting, call center operations, office 365 managed services, office equipment maintenance, Waste and disposal of toxic items, Printing for businesses especial banners for conventions,

We continue to bring on and to invite other Consultants that share in our philosophy and end goal “Customer first”

We are Solution first then savings, We bring multiple options that fit your needs, wishes and dreams for future growth.

Why have multiple sales appointments when your busy when we will bring multiple solutions.

Offices: Los Angeles, Inland Empire, Boise Idaho, Las Vegas, Atlanta

(818) 488-2808
Dave Rosen X 700 or Rene Nissim X701 or
Rocket Your Results with Michelle McCullar
Business Coach, Speaker, Radio Host

First, Let’s Talk About YOU!

There is only one YOU.

You are here for a reason. It’s your mission — your why.

You have gifts and superpowers the world needs — just waiting to be unleashed.

When you embrace your mission, message, and personal superpowers you will create great change in the world — both for yourself — and for the people you serve.

I can here you now… you’re saying Me?… Gifts? …Superpowers?

Yes YOU.

That’s where I come in.

You see. It’s quite common for people with incredible gifts and visions to hide their gifts, shy away from their inspired vision, and try to be “normal”… until one day “normal” becomes impossible. Why? Because they know they are here for something bigger. They’re meant to be playing a bigger game. They’re meant to be the superhero — to take a stand for their tribe’s greatness.

You are that superhero. Your powers will ignite when you get clear on your mission and your message…

But all superhero’s need a guide to find their way and own their greatness.

(626) 622-8719
Michelle McCullar
1012 W. Beverly Blvd. #876, Montebello, CA 90640
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