Blend It Healthy
Address: 411 E. Huntington Drive, Suite 114 , Arcadia, CA 91006
About the business:

Blend It Healthy creates made to order blended drinks made from fresh fruits and vegetables.  Located in Arcadia, California, we offer the freshest and tastiest ingredients.

All of our drinks are naturally flavorful without added sugar or artificial ingredients.  You can customize your own blend or choose a specialty blend from our menu.  We carry over 15 kinds of fruits and vegetables for our customers, offering a wide variety of options. We also have a cleansing detox menu, a fruit coffee menu, and a fruit iced tea menu for you to choose from!

We also offer a “Healthy Coffee Blend,” a combination of Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown Coffee, Honey and Organic Milk.  Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle.  We look forward to seeing you soon at Blend It Healthy.

Phone Number: (626) 656-3718
Contact person: Emily Li
Address: 150 East St. Joseph St., Arcadia, CA 91006
Business type: Brewery
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About the business:


Phone Number: (626) 244-7593
Contact person: Mike Reiling Owner/Brewer & Shawn Nemanich Owner/Brewer
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