Ambassadors meet 3C's and Vertex

Ambassadors with New Members 3The Arcadia Chamber Ambassadors welcomed their newest Chamber members Carmen Richardson, head chef of 3C’s and Shawn Zhao of Vertex Telecommunications, this Tuesday morning, March 1.

Personal Ambassador Suzie Krikorian of ServPro brought Shawn to the first meeting in March, while Carmen was invited by her own Personal Ambassador Kristy Bradshaw, of the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce and Woman Network. Both members showed their eagerness and enthusiasm to becoming part of the Chamber fold as they arrived 25 minutes early to the monthly Ambassadors meeting. In addition to this you could see the delight in peoples faces at the mention of Carmen’s extremely professional breakfast and mimosa tasting held in the Chamber Conference Room.

Shawn Zhao with Ambassador Suzie KrikorianVertex Telecom can be found at its new retail location at 1220 S. Golden W. Ave. #A, Arcadia, where they offer a great service to our locals who are seeking to keep up with all their Chinese associated media. Through Damai a customer can stream over 100 of the most popular Chinese channels in true 1080p high definition. Their business also offers a number of handy products such as the Damai Box, which allows for video playback, local video playback and an extremely user friendly interface that all ages can master.

The support and resources behind Vertex are incalculable as they were recently purchased by the fourth largest telecommunications company in China. Shawn illustrated in his presentation to our ambassadors that although there are many businesses that offer services akin to Damai, they ultimately can’t compete with the potential offered by his business. John Sun of Budget Blinds and Richard Jones of the San Marino Tribune pointed out that Damai has a great niche market here in Arcadia. Shawn elaborated that his business hopes to open up their lines of networking potential by joining the chamber and he knows his product is vastly superior to his competition and would simply like to get the chance to prove it. Currently Damai is prepared to offer an amazing deal, a total of 80 dollars grants a customer a year of their streaming services. I would definitely make a point of following up with Damai when their retail location opens up in April. But prior to that you can contact Damai at (213) 996-1998, or find more information on their products and services at

Carmen Richardson with Ambassador Suzie KrikorianChef Carmen has actually been working hard toward establishing her catering service, Chef Carmen’s 3 C’s when it first began 7 years ago. She mentions that although she is an extremely accomplished cook, getting her degree in culinary arts in 2010, what she finds truly and most rewarding is seeing peoples faces as they enjoy her food. The personal connection people share through food appears to be of vital importance to her style of catering. In a discussion with Carmen, she began to mention how the ambiance that she creates when catering is quite necessary, she wants people to have an experience when enjoying her cuisine. I believe Carmen illustrated this morning to just about every attendee that she will never disappoint in that area. Every ambassador took the opportunity to sample every item that was offered, which included a blueberry muffin, garlic cheese rolls, crispy bacon, and a spinach, mushroom quiche.

Ambassador John Sun enjoys breakfastAlong with being an excellent caterer Carmen is also a brand ambassador for viaOneHope Wines, an organization that is connected to the long established Mondavi Vineyards. As an expert with both wine and food catering Carmen is able to offer her customers a great pairing, and really make an occasion an event to remember. She is currently offering a deal on her wine tasting, which includes 12 bottles of wine food, as well as all the amenities one would need to fully enjoy a wine tasting all for $183.00 dollars. You can get into contact with Carmen at her number (626) 676-3448 or find more information about her catering services on her website

Prior to being surprised with a great breakfast buffet the Ambassadors conducted normal business which as always included business and personal updates:

Ambassador Chairman Richard Jones of the San Marino Tribune gave highlights of upcoming duties to the room of Ambassadors and introduced new Arcadia Chamber CEO Karen Guitierrez-Mac Nair

Allen Tsay of Waddell & Reed announced that he is currently planning his next social security seminar in May, most likely it will be held at the Poco Palm restaurant. Other than that a lot of same old, same old, for the most part he said, “staying calm and making rational choices on money”.

Sho Tay City Council Member, mentioned how he is doing his part to keep fighting the repeal of Utility Tax, there is confusion because if you want to keep it you have to vote no, and not yes. The phrasing is in a way backwards so he hopes everyone is informed on the how to keep the UUT.

Mary Hansen Lifetime Ambassador, stated that  thanks to John Sun she has great new blinds in her place, and she just got her eye done so she can really take advantage the new aesthetic offered by her blinds.

John Sun of Budget Blinds, has expressed that becasue everyone wants their blinds last minute this past month has been getting busier and busier. But last week he got a bit of a brake when he attended the Dance for Charity presented by the Rotary Club event with his family.

Mike Vercillo of the Arcadia Police Department discussed a possible new chamber member, Massis Kabob located right in the Westfield Santa Anita. He illustrated that after hearing about his Coffee with a Cop event they wanted to hold something akin to that, possibly a Love Lunch if they could get a small area cordoned off in the mall.

Kristy Bradshaw of the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce and Woman Network, discussed upcoming love lunch details which include planning the pattern of restaurants that are chosen for each month. She stated that she is happy to be back, she also mentioned her women’s network, on March 8, 2016 they will bring together the most women ever nationally through video conference.

Wendy Maeda of Keller Williams Realty, mentioned how the interest rate is still low, homes under 1.5 million are still moving pretty fluidly and overall its mostly a buyer’s market

Suzie Krikorian of Servpro Arcadia, discussed Servpro’s recent successful job at USC for water damage on their campus.

Bruce McCallum, Arcadia Chamber’s Citizen of the Year, simply made it clear that he is happy to be working amongst so many great people.

Vicki Knight, Co-Ambassador of the Year and of the business Century Rooter, mentioned that her business is doing quite well and might be inclined to share some of her table seats for the installation dinner.

Under Chairman Rich Jones, San Marino Tribune, the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors include immediate past chairperson Sylvia Ramos, Dilbeck Estate; Naomi Briones, Embassy Suites by Hilton Arcadia; Sue Cook, Arcadia Performing Arts Foundation; Christopher Dettorre of Eos Business Solutions; Lifetime Ambassador Don Fandry, resident and representing the Elks Club; Lifetime Ambassador Mary Hansen, resident; Vicki Knight, Century Rooter Services & Plumbing; Suzanne Krikorian of ServPro; Ivan Lai, Cruise Planners; Wendy Maeda of Keller Williams Realty; Arlynn Robinson, Coldwell Banker Dynasty; John Sun, Budget Blinds; City Council Member Sho Tay, Arcadia Masonic Lodge; Kristy Bradshaw of Arcadia Chamber of Commerce and Woman Network; Bruce McCallum, resident of Arcadia; Mike Vercillo, from the Arcadia Police Department; and Allen Tsay, Waddell & Reed.



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